Water softeners as a basic necessity in today’s times

Water is a basic necessity of our life. People cannot survive without water. Water is essential for everything in life, drinking, bathing domestic and industrial activities and what not. Water nowadays has undergone a lot of pollution and there are many factors that are responsible for the contamination. Not only contamination water has also been polluted because of eutrophication. Water mineral content causes it to become unfit for many purposes.

Water is basically of two types – hard water and soft water. Hard water is the one which is high in salts of calcium and magnesium. Our body requires some amount of it but excess of everything cause various diseases and health issues. Water is also responsible for absorption of minerals in our body and acts as an agent to carry the food and nutrients from one part to the other throughout the body.

Have you ever noticed the white spots in the dishes you just washed? Why do you think this is? The reason is these minerals.  These minerals are greatly responsible for clogging pores in the plumbing system www.softwaterlab.com.


The hard water is extremely harmful and if you wish to use water for your benefit, you need to remove these calcium and magnesium salts from water. There are various ways to treat the water chemically but the best out of the lot is to use the best water softener.

A water softener is a typical appliance that is plumbed into the water system of your house. All the water softeners are based on the same principles and work in the same manner. Some are advanced tech systems while the others work in the same primitive manner. Mineral tank is the heart of your water softener. It contains many polystyrene beads known as the zeolite and resin which carry a negative charge. As both calcium and magnesium are positively charged they tend to cling to the beads and then pass through the mineral tank. This process continues to soften the water to a very large extent. This solution now passes through the brine tank which forces the sodium ions to react and is enough to throw out the calcium and magnesium. The brine tank is separately present.

Water softeners are a basic necessity in today’s world of mixing and pollution. The bestwater softeners should be installed in each households and offices to keep you safe from all these water borne diseases which can harm you and your family and also prove fatal in some cases. The water should be especially taken good care of in case of kids. As the kinds are more prone to these diseases and are vulnerable. As a parent it is your responsibility to keep the kids safe.