Things you don’t know about Gaylord boxes

Have you ever heard the term “Gaylord box”? Well, this post would help you in exploring all the interesting facts about this box in clear. The Gaylord box is normally used in the industry and it has evolved over the years. Now, they are available in the different range of products. Gaylord boxes are available in the large size and they can allow for the shipment of the products over the container. In order to offer these kinds of the products, The Gaylord Box Exchange is available. Hence, you can contact such providers for attaining your best.

Introduction to Gaylord box

No one can deny the fact that the Gaylord boxes are the fantastic option for various reasons. Let’s see some interesting benefits of these boxes here.

  • Economical – With the help of Gaylord boxes, you can definitely save money. Since they are so durable and strong, it can be used for longer days.
  • Eco friendly – Being eco friendly is another benefit of Gaylord boxes. As these boxes are made of recyclable materials, they are known as eco friendly things.
  • Durable – These boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard that makes them so durable. This design of the boxes is quite strong and they are also recyclable. So, there is no need to sacrifice the environment.

These are all the fantastic features that you can attain when you have used the Gaylord boxes. Moreover, these kinds of the boxes are offered in the different types and they are used along with various features.

  • D container – These kinds of the bulk cargo boxes are double wall fiberboard containers that comes along with the lid. The boxes are shipped in the flat manner to reduce the cost of shipping. Moreover, they are very easy to assemble without any need of glue. These D container boxes are also offered with the pallet that helps to make the shipping feature so easy.
  • E container – This is also come under the bulk cargo box and nearly it is same as the D container.

These are the two kinds of the boxes that you can buy based on your needs. So, if you are looking forward to buy the best Gaylord box, then you have to consider some important factors that are given below.

  • Box weight – Since the boxes are available in multiple wall thickness, they may weigh a lot. It is better to buy the box which holds 2000 pounds weight.
  • Dimension – Usual boxes range from 40 to 45 inches in length and 35 to 50 in width. Moreover, 25 to 50 inches in height.
  • Style – Various style options are available in the boxes and based on your needs you can pick it.

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