Long Island Office Space Lease – Leasing Space on L.I.

Over the past three decades, Long Island has become a growing economic powerhouse. Companies that only saw New York as a viable option for their business many years ago now see Long Island as a solid place to rent offices.

Office class “A” and “B”.

Class A office buildings offer the latest Long Island office space for lease offices. These buildings usually offer new buildings, corporate locations, information counters, gyms and a cafeteria. They are the best offices available. They are more expensive per foot than the class B space in the same area. It is possible that small or medium-sized companies with limited capital want to avoid this type of space. Rent and taxes can be difficult for small businesses. Large companies see this as the only option. A company like Merrill Lynch or Washington Mutual usually does not inhabit anything less than Class A space.

In some areas you will find the most attractive Class A and Class B office buildings: 

Garden City and surroundings.

The advantages of Garden City are that it is close to the city, has good rail access and is surrounded by other large companies. This is one of the most expensive areas of Long Island for high level offices.


In the area of ​​Route 110 in Melville, the most concentrated areas of Class A office space are on Long Island. This is a very profitable place. This can be expensive, but there is usually a good vacancy, so you can cut some good deals. There are class “B” offices, which are also very suitable for leasing. 

Long Island office space for lease


Hauppauge is located in the east, but it is a large area for business in Long Island. This is similar to Melville, due to its access to the LI highway and one or two of the most desirable streets (Motor Parkway and Weterans Memorial Highway). It has a lower class A rent than usual in Garden City and Melville. There are many good restaurants, as well as for business lunches.


Bohemia and its surroundings are in the south than the Hauppuage. This area has very attractive rental options for locals, from small to large buildings. There are many new buildings in Bohemia, and some at half price, such as Garden City. It is near the Islip airport.

Most building owners seek a 5-year lease, but for 3 years it is not difficult to negotiate.

 Instant furnished office lease

These offices allow small businesses to go directly to staffing. These configurations have become very popular for owners of their own business, who can work from home or pay too much for traditional office space. The assorted office includes public services, telephone lines and Internet. Rental contracts are very flexible, and some are at least 30 days a month.

The office market in Long Island varies from year to year, but if it is flexible according to what you want, you will find an attractive home for your business.

Good luck!